Request private security services in Abilene, TX

Request private security services in Abilene, TX

Concerned for Your Safety? We Can Help

Keeping you safe is our top priority at Alpha Male Security. To ensure you always have the protection you need, we offer a range of private security services to individuals and businesses throughout the Abilene, TX area. Whether you need one-time assistance or regular security guard services, you can count on us to be there when you need help the most.

Call us at 325-733-5536 now to discuss your private security needs with a member of our team.

3 common reasons for private security

Over the years, the security pros at Alpha Male Security have helped countless individuals and business owners feel more secure. Clients often call us for security guard services in Abilene, TX to:

  1. Escort fired employees from a building.
  2. Feel secure after a bad breakup or criminal case.
  3. Protect them as they travel in the city alone or late at night.

Use Private Security at Events

Event Protection in Abilene, TX

Alpha Male Security has you covered at all events

  1. Weddings
  2. Quincea├▒eras
  3. Parties of any type 

Feeling safe is a right. Get in touch with us today to learn how our private security specialists can help.