Don't Let Them Get Away

Don't Let Them Get Away

Hire our Fugitive Recovery Agent in Abilene, TX

Did someone skip town after you posted their bail? Do you need to find an individual with an outstanding warrant? If you need to catch a fugitive, turn to the fugitive recovery agent at Alpha Male Security in Abilene, TX. Our fugitive recovery team is available to assist with local, state and national searches.

No matter how big or small the crime might be, you can depend on us to locate the individual and bring them to justice ASAP.

Details about our fugitive recovery process

The fugitive recovery team from Alpha Male Security in Abilene, TX works with everyone from private parties to bail bondsman to find and apprehend accused criminals. To make the process as stress-free as possible for you, our fugitive recovery agent will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the individual and situation
  • Give you an estimated cost for our fugitive recovery services
  • Create a plan to find and return the target quickly and safely

Our fugitive recovery agent is available to assist with most misdemeanor and felony cases. For more details about our fugitive recovery services, call 325-733-5536 now.